Emerging Technological Methods for Effective Farming by Cloud Computing
Dr. Shaik Jaffer Vali
Smart farming, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Sensors, Edge computing, Data privacy and security.
The cutting-edge technological methods that are revolutionizing the agriculture industry by leveraging cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). With precision agriculture at its forefront, IoT devices and sensors collect extensive data from the field, including soil moisture levels, temperature, humidity, and crop health. This data is seamlessly uploaded to the cloud, where it is analyzed and processed in real-time to provide farmers with valuable insights. Smart irrigation systems powered by IoT and cloud computing enable precise and optimized water delivery to crops, conserving water resources and boosting crop yields. Additionally, drones equipped with cameras and sensors fly over fields, capturing high-resolution images and collecting data on crop growth patterns and health. These data-rich images are then transmitted to the cloud for further analysis, empowering farmers to detect early signs of diseases and nutrient deficiencies. Furthermore, IoT devices, such as smart collars and tags, monitor livestock health and behavior, transmitting crucial data to the cloud for analysis. This enables farmers to make informed decisions to enhance animal welfare and optimize livestock management practices. Automation and robotics are integrated into farming operations through cloud-connected machinery that can perform tasks with precision and efficiency. These devices continually learn from data collected from their operations, contributing to adaptive and intelligent farming practices. AI-powered image recognition systems, integrated with IoT devices, aid in early detection of crop diseases and pests, minimizing crop losses and ensuring sustainable farming practices. Cloud computing also fosters supply chain optimization in agriculture by seamlessly connecting stakeholders, facilitating data exchange, and enhancing collaboration. This leads to reduced food waste and improved profitability throughout the supply chain. Predictive analytics, enabled by the amalgamation of cloud computing and IoT, empower farmers to make data-driven decisions by forecasting weather patterns, market demands, and crop growth rates. These insights enable proactive planning and enhanced operational efficiency. Farm management softwar
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 802 - 811
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