Multi-purpose Product Sorting System (MPPSS)
Ravi Gandhi, Rishi Tolani, Gurveer Singh, Rahul Patil, Ivan D'souza
Multipurpose sorting systems, logistics, supply chain management, automation, efficiency, accuracy.
The demand for automated product sorting systems is escalating across various industries owing to the need for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in manufacturing processes. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis and design of a Multipurpose Product Sorting System (MPPSS) utilizing Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology. The proposed system integrates sensors, actuators, and a PLC unit to automate the sorting process based on predefined criteria such as material, colour, or defect. The report defines the fundamental components and architecture of the MPPSS, clarifying the role of PLC in the sorting operations. Moreover, it investigates into the programming aspects, detailing the logic and algorithms implemented in the PLC to facilitate seamless product sorting. Furthermore, the paper highlights the benefits of employing PLC technology, including flexibility, scalability, and real-time monitoring capabilities, which contribute to improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime. In addition to the technical aspects, the report explores practical considerations such as cost-effectiveness, maintenance requirements, and potential challenges associated with implementing the MPPSS in industrial settings. Case studies and experimental results are presented to validate the efficacy and performance of the proposed system in various applications
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Unique Paper ID: 164187

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 1139 - 1145
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