COVID19, Respiratory Disease, Immune System, Anti-biotic, X-ray
COVID-19 is a respiratory disease found in the human body and it was named as COVID-19 disease. COVID-19 is a fiery state of the lung influencing essentially the little air sacs known as alveoli. Side effects normally incorporate a mix of useful or dry hacks, chest torment, fever and trouble relaxing. The seriousness of the condition is variable. COVID-19 is normally brought about by contamination with infections or microbes and less generally by different microorganisms, certain drugs or conditions, for example, immune system illnesses Hazard factors incorporate cystic fibrosis, on-going obstructive pneumonic sickness, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular breakdown, a background marked by smoking, an unfortunate capacity to hack like following a stroke and a feeble resistant framework. Chest X-ray, blood tests, and culture of the sputum might assist with affirming the finding. The infection might be grouped by where it was gained. Forecasting the spread of COVID-19 is a critical challenge that requires a high degree of accuracy to enable countries to prepare and respond to the pandemic. Unfortunately, the non-availability of publicly accessible approaches poses a challenge for further research. Therefore, it is crucial to determine, evaluate, and benchmark the classifiers to validate their results, particularly in handling medical cases, to prevent incorrect diagnoses and further complications. The data is been analysed based on the other diseases that are related to COVID-19 using the deep learning algorithm and predicts the output. The problem is based on the sector, where the hospitals want to predict the Covid19 depending upon the medical reports of the patients using a deep learning algorithm, it classifies and divides the data into segments and each segment contains only one kind of data that whether the person is suffering from Covid19 or not. In this work, the COVID-19-affected patient records will be taken as input and will be pass them into the deep learning algorithm. The different type of attributes based on the Covid19 is taken and passed to the algorithm.
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