Kaviya P
Chennai Metropolitan Area, Overcrowding ill-effects, Polycentric model, Sphere of Influence, Greater Chennai Metropolitan Region, Potential Urban Nodes.
Rapid urbanisation is the present day trend everywhere especially in the developing countries. More people are moving towards the Metropoliton cities due to concentration of better livelihood opportunities and higher order infrastructural facilities which leads to overcrowding ill-effects, Environmental degradation and regional imbalance. Polycentric approach is one of the decentralization strategies for discouraging the concentration of activities and functions towards the Metro cities which helps to overcome or to mitigate the ill-effects of overcrowding in a mother city and to bring the overall regional development in a balanced way. It also helps for the development of secondary towns and cities in a region. It reduces various pressures on the mother city. Chennai Metropolitan Area (CMA) is one of such mother city (undergoes various overcrowding issues) which needs polycentric approach. By realising the various urbanisation issues (like overcrowding, Environmental degaration, haphazard, uncontrolled and unplanned growth) prevailing in CMA, Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) suggested a solution of forming Greater Chennai Region (GCR) as a strategy by expanding the boundary of CMA for which Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) approved and expanded the boundary of Chennai Metropolitan Area in October 2022. This paper strongly suggests that, mere expansion of Metropolitan area boundary further, will not give a permanent solution for the Urbanisation issue unless reducing inmigrants towards CMA by identifying and developing the potential nodes which will act as polycentres/countermagnets to attract migrants towards CMA. From the analysis, it is identified that the influence area of CMA falls beyond the proposed GCR or expanded CMA region. Hence, Greater Chennai Metropolitan Region (GCMR) has been delineated which covers more area than proposed GCR. As a significant outcome of analysis and findings, this paper proposed a Polycentric model for the development of Greater Chennai Metropolitan Region.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 325 - 337
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