Design and Development of a Cost-Effective Bottle Washing Machine for Various Small-scale Industries
Tanishq Hiray, Neha Rajas, Dvij Sanjay Koli, Ved Mohan Phadtare, Hrushikesh Shivaji Deore, Varun Nandkumar Patil, Sagar Vijay Bobade
Tissue culture, Cleaning, Storage containers, bottles, jars, Machine, Efficiency.
One of the key challenges faced by different industries, including those involved in tissue culture, beverages, medicine, and food, is the effective cleaning of storage or processing containers. These containers, such as bottles, are widely utilized across these sectors for storing a diverse range of products, from food items to seeds, tissues, medicines, and beverages. Ensuring thorough cleaning of these containers before storing any product is crucial. In the tissue culture sector, maintaining clean and contamination-free glass bottles for storing media is essential. Since these bottles are reused multiple times, a meticulous cleaning process is necessary to uphold hygienic standards. To tackle this challenge, we developed a specialized machine to streamline the bottle washing process. This machine significantly reduces the time and effort needed for cleaning. It can accommodate two workers simultaneously, thereby increasing the washing rate and reducing labor compared to manual methods. Equipped with four brushes, each machine can clean four bottles at once. These brushes operate at high RPM, swiftly spinning to thoroughly clean the bottles, removing dirt, stains, and any residues efficiently, resulting in a pristine surface. What makes this machine particularly practical is its simplicity. It operates without complex sensors or programs, making it accessible to ordinary personnel without specialized training. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance and is easy to install. Its portability is also advantageous, especially for industries located at remote regions. Overall, the machine enhances operational efficiency across various industries, reducing the workload on workers, and improving the quality of cleaning processes.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 2646 - 2650
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