Clinical Trial: A Comprehensive Review
Samata Biswas, N. N. Bala
Clinical trials, randomized controlled trials, observational studies, adaptive trial designs, ethical considerations, regulatory frameworks, recent advances, challenges, future directions.
Clinical trials are indispensable tools in medical research, serving as the gold standard for evaluating the safety and efficacy of healthcare interventions. This comprehensive review paper delves into the multifaceted landscape of clinical trials, encompassing historical evolution, methodological intricacies, ethical considerations, regulatory frameworks, recent advances, challenges, and future directions. Beginning with a historical overview, the paper traces the evolution of clinical trials from early experiments to contemporary methodologies, highlighting pivotal milestones and their impact on medical practice. It explores various types of clinical trials, including randomized controlled trials (RCTs), observational studies, and adaptive trial designs, elucidating their respective strengths and limitations. Ethical considerations in trial conduct, such as informed consent, patient autonomy, and regulatory compliance, are critically examined, alongside an analysis of the regulatory frameworks governing trial oversight and data integrity. Recent innovations in trial methodologies, including master protocols, decentralized trials, and real-world evidence integration, are discussed in the context of advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes. Despite notable advancements, clinical trials face inherent challenges, such as recruitment difficulties, protocol deviations, and limited generalizability, necessitating ongoing efforts to enhance trial quality and relevance. Looking ahead, future trends and opportunities, such as precision medicine, patient-centred research, and digital health technologies, hold promise for accelerating medical innovation and addressing global health challenges. Through collaboration, innovation, and regulatory adaptation, the full potential of clinical trials can be realized, driving progress in healthcare delivery and improving the lives of patients worldwide.
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Unique Paper ID: 164436

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 1776 - 1787
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