Report for Exposure field visits for private sector RiPA partners on Animal feed processing, Dairy cattle, Poultry farm, Feedlot, and Business Development Services Training in Bishoftu and Mojo
Dek Hussein
Business to Business, Business Development Services Training, Exposure field visits, private sector RiPA partners, Bishoftu and Mojo.
This report provides an overview of exposure field visits conducted for private sector RiPA (Resilience in Pastoral Areas) partners in the areas of animal feed processing, dairy cattle, poultry farming, feedlot operations, and business development services training. The visits took place in Bishoftu and Mojo, two significant agricultural regions. The objective of these field visits was to enhance the knowledge and skills of RiPA partners in various aspects of the farm sector. The report highlights the key findings, observations, and recommendations gathered during the visits. In the animal feed processing segment, participants were exposed to modern feed processing techniques, including ingredient selection, mixing, and quality control. They also learned about the importance of nutrition and feed management in optimizing animal health and productivity. The dairy cattle visit aimed to familiarize the participants with best practices in dairy management, including breed selection, feeding strategies, milking techniques, and hygiene protocols. Additionally, they gained insights into value addition and dairy product marketing. During the poultry farm visit, RiPA partners learned about the setup and management of commercial poultry farms. They were exposed to poultry housing systems, biosecurity measures, vaccination protocols, and efficient feeding practices. The visit aimed to enhance their understanding of poultry disease prevention and production optimization. The feedlot visit focused on intensive animal feeding operations. Participants gained knowledge about feedlot design, animal handling, feed formulation, and health management practices. They also explored strategies for maximizing feed efficiency and ensuring animal welfare. Lastly, the business development services training exposed RiPA partners to essential skills for establishing and managing successful agricultural enterprises. They received guidance on market analysis, financial planning, business strategy, and access to credit and other support services.
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