Behavior of Stabilized Geopolymer Mud Blocks Masonry Prisms under Compressive Strength
Ramya M S, Dr. Shashishankar A
flyash, geopolymer, mud blocks, mortar, compressive strength
Stabilized Geopolymer Mud Blocks were created through the compression of a mixture comprising mud as aggregate and fly ash as binder, combined with an alkaline solution containing sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide in a block making apparatus. These blocks underwent curing at room temperature and were subjected to various tests including water absorption, initial rate of absorption, dimensions, density, and compressive strength at different stages of maturity. Mortar serves as the adhesive binding two masonry units together, enabling them to function as a unified entity within a structure. This study investigates the performance of stabilized geopolymer mud block masonry, analyzing its strength with different types of mortar such as cement mortar, cement-soil mortar, and fly ash-based geopolymer mortar across various stages of development. Geopolymer mortar, boasting commendable compressive strength, demonstrates promising characteristics compared to conventional cement mortar and cement-soil mortar, thus proving its suitability in masonry construction. Moreover, the stabilized geopolymer mud block exhibited significant strength, rendering it suitable for load-bearing masonry structures, while complying with the essential properties outlined in relevant IS codes. Enhanced load-carrying capacity and crack resistance were observed during testing of the masonry prisms. This research underscores the efficiency of stabilized geopolymer block masonry as an alternative building material, contributing to a global economy by reducing reliance on cement and its derivatives, while promoting the eco-friendly reuse of waste materials like fly ash.
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Unique Paper ID: 164553

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 975 - 981
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