Solemate: Electronic shoe to assist visually challenged
Dr malatesh S H, Aaditya Raj , Tasmia Kowsar, Thaseen s
Smart shoe, Adruino, Yolo, terrain detection, ESPcam .
The Keen Shoes for the Outwardly Disabled venture presents a comprehensive arrangement to upgrade the security and independence of people with visual impedances. In expansion to the ESP-CAM and YOLO-powered protest discovery framework, the venture coordinating an ultrasonic sensor to identify sudden deterrents within the user's way. This extra layer of location guarantees a more strong security instrument, as the ultrasonic sensor instantly recognizes and communicates the nearness of unexpected deterrents to the client by means of the sound criticism framework. The ESP-CAM captures real-time pictures, and the YOLO calculation forms these pictures for productive protest acknowledgment, cautioning the client to potential risks. At the same time, the ultrasonic sensor improves the system's responsiveness by identifying objects in near nearness, contributing to a more comprehensive and versatile security net. The Arduino Nano coordinates the consistent collaboration between these components, giving a cohesive and coordinates involvement for the client. The consideration of an ultrasonic sensor adjusts with the project's commitment to making a proactive and flexible arrangement for the outwardly impeded. By combining cutting-edge advances, counting ESP-CAM, YOLO, and ultrasonic detecting, the Savvy Shoes for the Outwardly Impeded extend points to rethink portability for people with visual disabilities, advancing a more secure and more autonomous way of life. This extend not as it were addresses prompt security concerns but moreover opens roads for assist headways in assistive innovation for the outwardly disabled community.
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Unique Paper ID: 165016

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 3005 - 3009
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