Plant Recognition Using CNN and Gardening Support System Using IoT
Proddatur Naga Venkata Shravan, Ashish Kumar D, Tripti Kumari, Dr. Malatesh S H
Agricultural Efficiency, Environmental Variables, Growth Optimization, Image Recognition, Personalized Recommendations, Plant Care Technology, Plant Identification, Sustainability.
This project introduces an innovative solution designed to revolutionize plant identification and optimize growth conditions for both gardening and agricultural applications. By harnessing cutting-edge image recognition algorithms, our system accurately identifies a wide array of plant species while furnishing detailed insights including scientific nomenclature, common pests, and associated diseases. Furthermore, it delivers personalized recommendations tailored to individual growth needs, factoring in crucial environmental variables like temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure. Through empowering users with bespoke guidance, our system endeavors to elevate crop success rates, drive agricultural efficiency, and champion sustainability in plant cultivation practices. This endeavor marks a significant stride in plant care technology, furnishing an indispensable tool for gardening enthusiasts and industry professionals alike to achieve thriving and bountiful plant growth. Cutting-edge technology, bespoke guidance, and sustainability lie at the heart of this transformative project.
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Unique Paper ID: 165047

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 12

Page(s): 3029 - 3033
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