Snehal Dhindle, Prof. Praveen B. Thummalakunta, Prajakta Kadam, Ashwini Niman, Vaishnavi Hapse
IOT, Arduino Uno, IR sensor, Traffic control, Movable divider, LED lights, DC motor
Road dividers are frequently used to keep traffic flowing smoothly by dividing the flow of oncoming and outgoing cars. Usually, the number of lanes allotted to each way is equal. However, during peak hours, traffic frequently flows mostly in one way in certain places, such as shopping industrial districts, underutilizing the other side of the road divider. This mismatch leads to wasteful use of resources, traffic congestion, and time waste. Our solution to this problem is an automated road divider system that can be moved to create extra lanes in the direction of high traffic by dynamically adjusting the lanes. Even one more lane in the rush hour can result in substantial time and fuel savings. This study provides an extensive analysis of the possible advantages, design factors, implementation difficulties, and practical uses of IoT-enabled moveable road dividers. These smart road dividers can respond to changing traffic patterns in real-time, autonomously modify lane configurations, and seamlessly integrate sensors, actuators, and communication networks.
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Unique Paper ID: 165111

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1

Page(s): 78 - 85
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