To Prevent IoT Based Device Under-Loading And Over-Loading of Railway Wagons
Vishnu Sidram Survase, Akshay Ambadas More, Rahul Santosh Bansode
Railway transportation stands as the backbone of global logistics, underscoring the critical need for safety and efficiency in the loading and operation of railway wagons. This paper proposes an innovative IoT-based system meticulously crafted to prevent under-loading and overloading of railway wagons, thereby fortifying safety protocols, streamlining operational efficiency, and ensuring stringent regulatory compliance within the railway industry. The proposed system is founded upon a sophisticated integration of IoT sensors meticulously deployed within each railway wagon, tasked with ceaselessly monitoring crucial parameters such as weight distribution, balance dynamics, and structural integrity. These IoT sensors function in tandem to gather real-time data, which is seamlessly transmitted via wireless communication protocols to a centralized control system primed for comprehensive analysis and strategic processing. At the heart of the system lies robust machine learning algorithms, engineered to discern intricate patterns and anomalous deviations indicative of potential under-loading or overloading risks. Upon detection of such risks, the system promptly generates automated alerts, instigating a series of judiciously designed actions tailored to swiftly mitigate identified hazards. These actions encompass a spectrum of interventions ranging from dynamic adjustments to loading procedures to the tactical rerouting of wagons, or in dire circumstances, the immediate suspension of loading operations. Furthermore, the system epitomizes seamless integration with existing railway management frameworks, fostering unparalleled operational synergy and expediting regulatory compliance initiatives. By providing continuous monitoring, predictive maintenance capabilities, and meticulous reporting functionalities, the IoT-based system transcends conventional safety paradigms, ushering in an era of unparalleled safety standards and operational excellence. Through its proactive stance on risk mitigation, the proposed IoT-based system not only bolsters safety protocols and operational efficiencies but also lays the groundwork for a resilient and sustainable railway ecosystem. By championing safety and compliance, this transf
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1

Page(s): 1585 - 1588
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