A Critical Review and Comparative Study of IS 1893 2016 and IS 1893 2023 (Part 1 and 2) with Practical Applications in Seismic Design
IS 1893, Earthquake-resistant structures, Structural Analysis & Design, Seismic code comparison, Base shear calculation, Time Period.
This paper presents a critical review and comparative study of the Indian Standards IS 1893: 2016 and IS 1893: 2023, specifically focusing on Part 1, which deals with the general provisions and buildings, and Part 2, which pertains to liquid-retaining structures. The review identifies significant updates, evaluates their practical implications, and explores the advancements made in seismic design methodologies. Key changes in seismic zoning, design spectra, base shear calculations, structural analysis methods, load combinations, importance factors, and soil-structure interaction are discussed in detail. Additionally, a sample problem is included to illustrate the practical differences in applying these standards, providing insights into how these changes impact engineering practice. The study concludes by highlighting the improvements in safety and precision offered by the 2023 edition, while also addressing the increased complexity and the need for advanced tools and expertise. This comprehensive analysis aims to aid engineers and researchers in understanding the evolution of seismic design standards in India and their practical implications for earthquake-resistant structures
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1

Page(s): 2103 - 2107
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