An Augmented QoS in Cloud Computing Using Heterogeneous Dual Quality Guaranteed Method
N. Venkatesh Naik, T Sravann Kumar, B. Divya
Cloud computing, virtual machine, service-level agreement, guaranteed service quality, Heterogeneous dual quality guaranteed.
Cloud Computing arisen as a successful computing paradigm, because it allows hiring resources without caring of maintenance costs and adds some new features for clients, such as the possibility of scale-up and scale-down resources dynamically depending on punctual requirements. Previously single long-term renting scheme is usually adopted to configure a cloud platform. Profit is regarded as most important factor obtained from the point of view of cloud service providers’ and it is especially determined by the configuration for a cloud service platform under the given market demand. Novel dual quality guaranteed renting scheme is proposed that guarantees the QOS for the customers and also it maximizes the profit of the service providers. Heterogeneous Dual Quality Guaranteed renting scheme can achieve more profit than the compared Single-Quality-Unguaranteed (SQU) renting scheme in the premise of guaranteeing the service quality completely. Usually, a long-term renting with short-term renting is used for configuring a cloud platform that cannot guarantee the quality of service requirements under the varying system workload, but also reduce the resource waste greatly. In this paper, firstly a dual resource renting scheme is designed in which short-term renting and long-term renting were combined by aiming at the issues of existing one.
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Unique Paper ID: 143871

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3

Page(s): 38 - 42
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