Prof. Pushparaj Singh, Ankit Shukla
Plate Heat Exchanger, Corrugated Plate, Reynold’s number, Nusselt number, Friction factor.
Mechanical requests for superior heat exchanger devices are expanding quickly step by step to get a generous decrease in vitality utilization. The plate heat exchangers (PHEs) are minimal and effective, generally utilized in numerous applications (heat recuperation, cooling, HVAC, bottling works, dairy, nourishment preparing, seaward oil, pharmaceuticals, substance, mash and paper creation, control age, refrigeration, and so on.) due to their high warm productivity, adaptability and simplicity of sanitation. Plate heat exchangers have been broadly connected in various modern applications since their first business misuse during the 1920s. The corrugated shape patterns examples of the individual plate geometries are one of the numerous appropriate methods to improve the heat transfer in heat exchangers. At the point when liquid streams in a creased channel, the stream progresses toward becoming irritated because of developing distribution locales close the ridged divider, which improves the disturbance coming about to accomplish the most astounding conceivable heat transfer coefficient with least pressure drop. These points of interest make the PHE progressively ecological amicable; notwithstanding, increments of outflow and running expense because of high spillage plausibility, pressure drop are some ecological drawbacks. Gigantic hypothetical and exploratory research takes a shot at warmth move, fouling and liquid stream parts of PHE with different geometries and warmth move liquids for different potential applications have been performed inside most recent couple of decades. This paper presents a review on performance characteristics of a corrugated plate heat exchanger.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1

Page(s): 267 - 274
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