Mr.Vellepu Eswaraiah, Mr.J.Govindu
Brake, Mechanical Device, Kinetic Energy, Disc Thickness Variation.
A brake is a mechanical device which simulated frictional safety is connected to moving machine part, to stop the movement of a machine. At present performing this function, the brakes take in either kinetic energy of the moving part or the potential energy surrendered by items being brought down by lifts and so forth. The energy absorbed by the brakes is scattered as heat. Disc brake is a recognizable car application where they are utilized broadly for car and bike wheels. The disc is sandwiched between two pads activated by cylinders backed in a caliper mounted on the stud shaft. At the point when the brake lever is pressed using pressurized hydraulic pressurized fluid is constrained into the chambers pushing the contradicting cylinders and brake pads into frictional contact with the disc. The frictional heat produced amid braking application can result in various negative impacts on the brake assembly, for example, brake blur, untimely wear, thermal splits and disc thickness variation (DTV). Previously, surface roughness and wear at the pad interface have infrequently been considered in investigations of thermal analysis of a disc brake finite element method. The main purpose of this project is to Optimization of Automotive Brake Disc and analysis the steady state thermal behavior of the dry contact between the brake disc and pads during the braking phase. The thermal-structural analysis to determine the deformation and the Von Misses stresses established in the disc. The objective of the project is the design, analysis and optimization of solid and ventilated disc brake using Solid works, Hyper mesh and Ansys. The ventilated brake disc assembly is built by a 3D model in Solid Works and imported to ANSYS to evaluate the stress fields and of deformations which are established in the disc with the pressure on the pads and in the conditions of tightening of the disc.
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