Volume 2, Issue 12 May 2016

Title And Author Area Page
Monitoring of Respiratory Signals for the Detection of Apnea
- Prof. Shaista Parveen, Prof. Kaveri shankar; Prof. Kaveri Shankar
Full Article
Biomedical Engineering346-351
- Rashmi D. Rahane; Sayali S. Digholkar; Amruta P. Panghavane; Pooja U. Amrutkar
Full Article
Computer Engineering352-355
GSM bases screw jack with typre pressure monitoring
- shyam pd yadav; niraj k karna; mintu kumar; shubhesh kr thakur
Full Article
electronics and communicarion engineering356-359
Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Shear Wall
- G.Amar; V.Sanjay Gokul; K.Vamsi Krishna; D.Rakesh
Full Article
Civil Engineering360-366
Secure Authentication Technique for Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks
- Shrikant Kattimani; S.P.Parande
Full Article
Electonics and Communication Engineering367-372
Different Approaches Of Gesture Recognition Techniques
- RESHMA KALEPATIL; Prof. V. D. Shinde
Full Article
Embedded Systems373-377
Fast Block matching motion estimation using fusion of Four Step & Diamond Step Search algorithm for video compression
- Ankit Souparana; Ankur kumar Aggarwal
Full Article
Computer Engineering378-382
Tongue Drive System For Paralysed People
- Surajit Das; Sunil Adhikari; Ashutosh Kumar Pal; Suraj Singh Bisht , Mrs. Shyla B.P
Full Article
Electronics & Communication Engineering383-386
Steganography Techniques:A Review
Full Article
Light Guided Rescue Robot
- Surjeet Singh; Md.Mosharraf Sami; Ambika Singh.B; Allamprabhu.T , Debarati Bhattacharya
Full Article
Electronics nad Communication Engineering392-396

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