Experimental Analysis on the Behaviour of Lime on Pond Ash Treated Expansive Clay
Pond Ash (PA), OMC, MDD, CBR.
Stabilizing the locally available weak soils is of paramount importance in contemporary practices in construction industry. This paper presents results of laboratory investigation made on strength behaviour of a weak soil blended with pond ash and lime. The soil found in agriculture field, Tekkali, srikakulam district is classified as expansive soil. The properties of expansive soil depend significantly on its initial conditions. The properties of saturated expansive soil differ significantly from moist soil and dry soil. Expansive clay is microcrystalline in nature and clay minerals like Montmorillonite, kaolinite and illinite and non-clay minerals like quartz and feldspar are present in the soil. The soils have higher proportion of organic matters that acts as a cementing agent. Clay is an impermeable soil, meaning it holds water, as opposed to permeable soil that allows water to rapidly drain, like a gravel or sand. It is an expansive soil, such as the expansive clay which predominates in almost all countries of the world, which when swelling and shrinking, can damage foundations and structures. The shrink and swell movements are due to changes in soil moisture. Providing uniform soil moisture next to and under your foundation is the only best thing to reduce or minimize the damaging effects of expansive soil. Accumulation of various waste materials is now becoming a major concern to the environmentalists. Expansive clay is blended with pond ash, a solid-waste from the thermal power stations. Lime is added to soil and pond ash mix as binding material. Pond Ash by itself has little cementitious value but in the presence of moisture it reacts chemically and forms cementitious compounds and attributes to the improvement of strength and compressibility characteristics of soils. So in order to achieve both the need of improving the properties of expansive clays and also to make use of the industrial wastes, the present experimental study has been taken up. In this paper the effect of Pond ash and Lime on strength properties of expansive clay has been studied.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 12

Page(s): 431 - 442
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