A Study of Flexible Concrete Sheet in Civil Engineering Works
Rangesh M. Jajodia, Prof. M. R. Nikhar
Concrete Sheet, Concrete, Cement, 3-D fiber matrix
Concrete is most extensively used material in today’s rapidly growing world. The concrete is used extensively in large variety of works such as construction of buildings, embankment construction, canal lining, slope covering and many such works. The laying of concrete on some places like the slopes and lining of canal is bit tedious and difficult if we use a conventional concrete. Hence, a new material was needed to be developed to overcome such difficulties. In addition, such material must be able to construct a structure in an emergency.Hence, a new material called flexible concrete sheet has developed. Flexible concrete sheet is the composite member having three layers in which bottom layer is impermeable layer, intermediate layer is a 3-D fiber matrix and top layer is permeable cotton layer. The middle layer has filled with a settable material, whichcan be cured. The settable material used here is cement mortar.The geometry of material consists of the three-dimensional matrix sand-witched in between the impervious PVC coating and top permeable layer. In addition, a separate settle able material is filled in the 3-dimensional matrix material. This leads to more typical form of material, which cannot made readily.This paper emphases on the benefits of using flexible Concrete sheet or Concrete cloth for rapid and fast construction of structures like canals and many other purposes. This material has a wide range of applications throughout the building and civil engineering industry.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4

Page(s): 108 - 110
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