self-correction of commutation torque ripple suppression using NIBFE in BLDC motor.
This paper firstly presents a novel boost front end simply with a diode, a MOSFET and a DC-link capacitor. Without extra inductors or other power components, the boost font end could boost the capacitor voltage with the motor stator inductances, thus reducing the influence of the limited DC-link voltage on commutation torque ripple reduction to a large extent.A unified commutation torque ripple suppression strategy is further proposed with the front end adopted based on the analysis about the effects of four switching vectors on motor speed regulation and DC-link capacitor voltage regulation. The proposed strategy can boost the DC-link capacitor voltage via properly selection of switching vectors under the premise of guaranteeing normal speed regulation in non-commutation period, and reduce both the commutation torque ripple and commutation time by two consistent switching vectors with the boosted DC-link capacitor voltage in commutation period. Finally, the proposed method is analyzed with respect to the capacitance selection and the boot capacity of NIBFE. The correctness of the analysis and the effectiveness of the presented methods are validated by experimental results.Index Terms—Boost, Brushless DC motor, commutation torque ripplereduction, DC-DC power converters.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 11

Page(s): 475 - 480
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