A comprehensive Survey of Optical Fiber Sensor: Review and Applications
Gulmohammed, Shailesh Kumar Singh
Solar Energy, PV panel, radiation
Recent advancement in fiber optics (FOs) and the numerous benefits of light energy over electronic systems (include resistibility to electromagnetic interference, small size, lightweight large bandwidth and easiness in implementing distributed sensors) have enhanced the application and requirement for optical sensors in various production, defense and social fields. Surroundings and atmospheric monitoring, space sciences, industrial chemical processing and biotechnology, law enforcement, digital imaging, scanning, and printing are exemplars of them. The uniqueness of photon technology could impel down prices which reduces the price of optical fibers and lasers. Fiber optic sensors (FOSs) offer a wide spectrum of advantages over traditional sensing systems, such as small size and longer lifetime. Immunity to electromagnetic interference, amenability to multiplexing, and high sensitivity make FOs the sensor technology of choice in several fields, including the healthcare and aerospace sectors. FOSs show reliable and rigid sensing tasks over conventional electrical and electronic sensors. Today, some success has been found in the commercialization of optical fiber sensors. However, in various fields they still suffer from competition with other mature sensor technologies. However, new ideas are being continuously developed and tested not only for the traditional measurands but also for new applications. This paper presents an executive review of optical fiber sensors and the most beneficial applications.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2

Page(s): 496 - 499
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