Pneumatic multi axis welding machine
Jayaramu M, Krishna kandh N, Hubaibh ahamed S, Kaviyarasu S, Balamurali B
The main aim of project is to fabricate the pneumatic operated welding robot. Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics. This is often done by melting the work pieces and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material that cools to become a strong joint, with pressure sometimes used in conjunction with heat, or by itself, to produce the weld. The pneumatic operation consists of pneumatic cylinder, compressor, control unit, solenoid valve etc… which are used to actuate the piston rod. The compressor is used to compress the air and it is passed to the solenoid valve. This solenoid valve controls the direction of flow of air to the cylinder. This pressurized air is actuating the piston rod to forward and return position. At the of piston rod the welding rod is fixed. This welding rod makes forward motion and reverse motion in order to make or weld the two different plates. The welding rod is otherwise known as electrode which is connected to the power supply terminals. The work piece also connected to the power supply. This setup requires a heavy electrical arrangement to make the welding.
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