Effects of Core Strength Training on Power, Speed and Agility on Soccer Players inDigotsion Town; North Western Ethiopia
Desie Wale Wondale, HirkoTaye Debele, Dr. Md babul Akhtar
Power, Agility, Core Strength, Soccer Players, Speed
The objective of this study was to examine the effects of core strength training on power, speed and agility on male U-17 soccer players of Digotsion Town, North Western Ethiopia.20 male soccer players were purposively selected and voluntarily participated in this study. Subjects were divided randomly into two groups, experimental group: n=10 (age=15.9 years, body mass = 49.kg, height = 1.65 meter) and 10 subjects in control group (age = 15.9 years, body mass = 48.7kg, and height= 1.66meter. This research was an experimental (pre-test, post-test)design.Before the core strength training, pre-test results of the Experimental and Control Group of power tests (Vertical Jump Test and Standing Long Jump Test), speed tests (20m dash and 30m dash), and agility tests (Illinois agility test and T-test) were recorded. The subjects in the experimental group also took 40 minute core strength training twice a week and then continued the normal training program with the control group in other training days. After eight weeks, post-test measurements on the same parameters were taken. To analyse the parameters; means, standard deviations, and paired samples test were computed. The difference between the tests were analysed statistically, with paired sample “t” test at P<0.05.Consequently it was observed that core strength training had a significant improvements of power, in vertical jump test and standing long jump test results were increased by a mean difference 1.60 cm and 2.60 cm respectively. The Speed tests in 20m dash and 30m dashresults were decreased by a mean difference .056 second and .06 second respectively. And agility tests in Illinois agility test and T-test were decreased by a mean difference.149 second and .349 second respectively.And studies should be conducted in the same area on different samples in terms of age and gender.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 10

Page(s): 341 - 349
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