Studies on Thermal Characteristics of Micro-Titanium and CNT Reinforced Copper Based MMC
Dr. Ranjith V, Dr. H K Shivanand, Dr. Tukaram Jadhav, Verma R, Puneeth P
component; Micro Titanium, CNT, Thermal Conductivity, CTE.
Copper based composites plays a vital role in the field of marine, aerospace, automobile and power sector for making of components like electrical sliding contacts, gears, bearings, bushes, brakes and clutches etc. Even though promising reinforcements are available for the composites, always researchers search for the new combination of matrix and reinforcement for tailored properties and cost effectiveness. CNT is one of the effective reinforcement used in the metal matrix composites by various researches because of its excellent properties. The present work is focused on the preparation of copper/CNTs/Micro-Titanium composite through stir casting technique performance studies of the composite are made on the thermal properties. The composite prepared with reinforcement such as CNTs and Micro-Titanium of 0.5, 1, 1.5 % and 1, 3 & 5wt. % were studied. The thermal conductivity of the developed copper metal matrix composites found to be increased with increasing in CNTs and Micro Titanium. The Coefficient of thermal expansion obtained for developed copper metal matrix composite is less than pure Copper. Overall, the in-plane thermal conductivities of the composites with 0.5 Wt%–1.5 wt% CNTs can reach to 392–636 W(mK)-1 , which is much higher than that of traditional packaging materials.. Due to the properties of high thermal conductivity, low CTE, and good machinability, the obtained composites are the suitable candidates as electronic packaging materials. Although anisotropy could be an issue for some applications, it could also be a benefit, allowing designers the ability to make heat preferentially flow in one direction.
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Unique Paper ID: 151323

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 12

Page(s): 466 - 480
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