Impact Of Rural Transport On Agricultural Development
Anchal Jaiswal, Saumya Singh, Tushar Sisodia
Rural Roads, Transport Services, Poor Access, Agricultural Production, Marketing System, . Product prices, Market malpractice, Warehousing Corporations.
Kheti-Baadi is an effective mobile telecommunications system to support the distribution of agricultural information and advice to a producers' federation. This is best served by a more efficient, advanced, transportation and marketing system where the costs of the transport and marketing unit are lower. If the boundary between what the farmer gets from selling his product and that the city buyer pays for his product is high then the practical need transferred to the farmer will be reduced accordingly. Similarly, if the cost of domestic travel is very high then the area of agricultural exports will also suffer compared to other more efficient countries. When analyzing the transport of agricultural products, it is pointed out that the cost of travel plays a very important role in identifying the link between accessibility and agricultural development. A good transport system is essential for efficient agricultural marketing. There are many problems and obstacles associated with the transportation of agricultural products. If transportation services are uncommon, cheap or expensive farmers will be in trouble when they try to sell their crops. Expensive service will usually result in lower prices for farm gates (the price a farmer earns by selling his product). Occasional blocked roads or slow and irregular transportation services, as well as poor storage, can lead to losses. This ACTIVITY will help the Farmer to reduce the cost of travel in combination to get the best returns.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2

Page(s): 392 - 399
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