Swarm Intelligence for group task automation
Keerti Kulkarni, Karthik S, Madan BL, Shivarama Reddy
Swarm Intelligence, swarm robot, task automation, Klann's mechanism
Swarm intelligence is a new research territory propelled from organic framework, for example, insect. Swarm robotics, which is based on swarm intelligence is a part of multi-robot frameworks that grasp the thoughts of natural swarms like bees. In this work, self-get together robots are utilized to move to the material starting with one spot then onto the next by swarm intelligence (SI). In swarm intelligence, when one robot cannot finish the task by itself, it will ask the assistance of the other robots in the swarm. This automated framework will be helpful in dangerous material taking care of, clearing minefields, secure a territory without putting life in danger. Additionally, the military, law enforcement and private security firms could be profited by this framework. In the conventional strategy the robots are working individually, but in this proposed framework, the multi-robot will team up with one another and functions as a group as opposed to single robots. Swarm robot, with its self-gathering ability opens up new research related to self-reconfigurable and aggregate robots. The idea consolidates equipment adaptability found in self-reconfigurable robot with control flexibility found in disseminated control for aggregate robotics. In addition, we are supplanting the wheel development with the components since the wheel development is just constrained to the uniform territories however with assistance of Klann's mechanism the robot, can get to the harsh landscapes.
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Unique Paper ID: 152161

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 2

Page(s): 559 - 562
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