The New Era of Vesicular Drug Delivery System: A Review
Rama Shukla
Vesicular drug delivery systems, Niosomes, Liposomes, Colloids, Drug Targeting.
The article provides an up-to-date review of several vesicular drug delivery systems, which are designed to administer drugs at a controlled pace determined by the body's needs. Vesicular drug delivery systems are primarily utilized for medication targeting by localizing the drug action in the sick or inflamed tissue, location, or organ of action through the use of various pharmaceutical carriers. Novel Vesicular drug administration has been employed to improve the therapeutic index, solubility, and speed of drug breakdown. This vesicular system prolongs the presence of the drug in the circulatory system by releasing the drug in a controlled manner, as well as reducing the drug's toxicity. Thus, a variety of vesicular systems, such as Niosomes, Liposomes, Transferosomes, Ethosomes, Aquasomes, Cubosomes, and Ufasomes, have been designed to improve the potential of new therapeutic compounds by encapsulating an active ingredient within the vesicular structure of a system. To offer the drug in the form of a novel drug delivery system, several carriers such as polymeric micelles or vesicular systems, particulate systems or colloidal carrier systems, and macro and micromolecules are used. In this study, we will focus on various forms of novel vesicular systems in terms of their types, advantages, shortcomings, possibilities of vesicular drug delivery system in gel form, and recent applications. In this study, we will focus on many forms of innovative vesicular systems in terms of their types, benefits, drawbacks, possibilities of vesicular drug delivery system in gel form, and recent applications in Pharmaceutical sciences.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3

Page(s): 661 - 668
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