A Comprehensive Review on- Plant, Animal And Micoalgea as a alternative aspect for the Production of the Biodiesel
Minal S.Jaiswal, Ravindra L.Bakal, Rahul D.Jawarkar, Jagdish V. Manvar, Chetan M. Jain
Biodiesel, Natural resources, transesterification, Microalgae, Sunflower
Biofual is an rising need of a today’s era as we are fastly proceeding to the highly growing environmental and also the economical issues. So for the sustainability in such difficult situation we must step forward towards the production of the natural energy sources which might prove to be effective and beneficial at a greater extent to the human beings, For replacement to the conventional diesel we can produce the biodiesel from the oils and fats of natural origin like Microalgae, Sunflower, Castor or Jatropha etc by trans esterification of triglycerides with an alcohol. Biodiesel contains carbon as a combustion source that directly absorbed from the atmosphere by plants and trees as they grew. There are many plants which are having the perspective for synthesizing Biodiesel and harnessing them as a fuel for future. Economics behind manufacturing of biodiesel is a determiner in making this programme happens to be a milestone. Manufacturing economics though relay upon many factors in which the availability of the feed material is considered mainly. In the global framework, biodiesel would not only minimize import of petro-diesel but also smooth the progress of large- scale employment and enhance rural development. Moreover, huge wastelands could be utilized for the cultivation of non-edible oil producing natural resource suitable for production of biodiesel. But from the view point of stability the biodiesel is susceptible to oxidation because of the presence of unsaturated fatty acid in the ester. Oxidative degradation takes place in biodiesel on aerobic contact during storage as well as with metal contaminants. An effort has been made to review the various alternative Natural sources for biodiesel production over here.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3

Page(s): 793 - 803
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