Surface Interaction of Montmorillonite Clay (mClays) and Cation Ex-changed Montmorillonite Clay in L-valine Amino acid
Dr. Hemlata Bhatt, Dr. Namrata Pandey, Chandra Kala Pant
L-valine, Montmorillonite clay (mClays), Cation-exchanged clays, Adsorption
The adsorption of L-valine was systematically studied on the surface of montmorillonite and cation (Ca,2+ Mg2 +and Ni2+) exchanged montmorillonites clay. Adsorption studies have been done in aqueous media as a function of pH (9.2 - 3.0) in the concentration range of (9.0 x10 -5M - 1.0 x 10-5M) and temperature of (20 - 250C). The process of adsorption was monitored systematically by measuring the absorbance (optical density) of L-valine solution at the wavelength (λmax) 216 nm. Percent binding of the amino acid is calculated in terms of their absorbance. The maximum amount of L-valine was adsorbed at neutral pH (7.0±0.01) and temperature 250C. Langmuir type of adsorption isotherm was determined from the various concentration ranges. It was found that calcium-exchanged montmorillonite relatively is ‘better adsorbent in all cases studied of L-valine. The adsorption parameters (KL and Xm) have been calculated using L-isotherms as the plotis linear with the correlation coefficient (r2) 0.9. A thermodynamically favourable exothermic reaction is observed, based on the values of Gibbs free energy (G0). Thus, the present study suggests the possible importance of mineral clays in selection, concentration and condensation of important biomolecules during the chemical evolution of the prebiotic earth. This process could conceivably aid in the formation of polymers in fluctuating drying- wetting environments.
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Unique Paper ID: 152642

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3

Page(s): 1039 - 1044
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