Predicting the emotions based on emoji's and speech using machine learning techniques
Chamallamudi Lalitha Devi, M Divya sree , P.nagulshareef
Feature-extraction, Emoji’s, Decision Tree, MLP-Classifier, CNN model, Augmentation methods.
Speech consists of assorted information, like language, emotions, what type of message to be communicated with others etc. Emotions are the part of human life in every situation, sometimes one get angry, sad, happy based on the dialogues and behavior of the opposite person. In this work, we have a tendency to square measure aiming to predict the emotions supported the audio files. At first the dataset encompass audio files. Here the emotions typically represented as happy, sad, surprised, angry etc., and could be divided into 2 varieties like positive emotions and negative emotions. Here emoji’s are used to predict the emotion of the person, so that it can be quickly identified, for every feeling there’ll be a revered emoji format supported that we have a tendency to square measure able to get emoji’s for the required emotions given within the datasets. Before applying ways or models on the dataset, feature extraction plays a big role during this speech feeling prediction. Afterward we have a tendency to square measure applying Machine Learning Techniques such as Decision Tree, MLP classifier, neural networks and Augmenting the information using noise injection with Laplace and logistic distribution and pitch shifting and trimming the data so as to induce sensible performance.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 6

Page(s): 552 - 557
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