A study of current status and challenges of women entrepreneurship in India
Uma Raikhola, Dr. Vinay Chandra
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Unemployment, Economic Development, Challenges faced by women entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship contributes significantly to the nation's growth and development by producing wealth and job opportunities for society through innovation, offering quality products and services, increasing production, employing human resources and improving the problems of unemployment. In India, women account for about half of the total population. However, their contribution to the country's economic progress was insignificant. Women have played an important role in the country's economic progress in recent decades. In traditional society women were treated as secondary section of the society and dominated by male. Today women have become more aware about their life and career due to spread of education and information technology. In society, they are accorded equal position and rights. Women continue to be controlled by men in various aspects of Indian society. Government has also introduced several schemes and policies to empower and promote women entrepreneurs in India. In the 21st century with the spread of education, skill, knowledge , awareness about their right and professional and technical education, Government support, Women are flourishing in every field like medical field , politics, mass communication, manufacturing industries, fashion designing, beauty parlour, event planning, consultancies, Teaching etc. The present study focuses on the current status of women entrepreneurs, issues and challenges faced by them and analyses the government schemes to empower and promote women entrepreneurship in India. This study is based on secondary data. This research aims to examine the contribution of women entrepreneurs in economic growth and development in India, as well as provide some recommendations for promoting women entrepreneurs in the country.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 9

Page(s): 155 - 162
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