Role of TLX1/HOX11 in transcriptional activation of genes relevant to Leukemogenesis
T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL), TLX1/HO11gene, TLX1-T-cell leukaemia homeobox protein 1
T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (T-ALL) is an aggressive malignant neoplasm of the T-cells. T-cells a type of white blood cells originates in bone marrow and develop in thymus. T-ALL accounts for ∼20% of all cases of ALL. It is aggressive in nature and progresses very quickly. Although, causative factors of T-ALL are not much explored, few reports suggest that TLX1 is found inappropriately expressed in leukemic cases and associated with leukemogenesis. TLX1 encoding the transcription factor T-cell leukaemia homeobox protein 1. Chromosomal translocation is associated with the leukemic transformation of T-cells and 30% of total T-ALL cases are found to be positive for TLX1 translocation (10:14). Intrigued by this, we are intended to understand the possible role of 10:14 chromosomal translocation and thus the TLX1 activation and TLX1 induced malignancies complex intracellular changes in genes like NOTCH1, PTPN2, WT1, BCL11b, PTEN, PHF6 genes are altered which are involved in tumour cell survival and progression. This TF regulates a number of genes by binding to the promoter region in the regulatory region of the target gene.
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