Enhancement of Collapsible Soils
Pratik Kumar, Ritu Sharma, Abhishek Tiwari
Collapsible soils, Hydro-collapse, Undisturbed soil samples, Collapsible potential, Shape factor, Bearing Capacity.
Collapsible soils are those which shows relatively1high1apparent2strength4in their natural estate (unsaturated condition), butthavetlowodensity, porous.structure & are susceptiblei to large deformations upontwetting due to sudden reduction in1their volume. It makes the construction of foundations extremely difficult in its natural state. Settlements which associate with development over untreated collapsible soils mostly leads to expensive repairs. The most important factor which is needed to produce the collapsible soil structure is the inter-particle1cementing‘agent1that stabilizes1the soil1in the unsaturated2conditionsor bonding2either by cementation, chemical or physical attraction or negative pore water pressure. These1stabilizes the2soil2in its natural state (1unsaturated condition1). The adding of water to a collapsible soil effects the bonding (reduced) and the inter-granular contents resulting in reduction in total volume of the soil bulk. The settlement1of a collapsing soil is prompt and happen upon the intake of moisture by the soil. Therefore, the objective is comprises to investigate the effect of improvement through wetting and dynamic compaction at subgrade preparation stage in controlling or limiting “Cp” This paper focusses on outcomes of experimental works performed to examine the overall performance of collapsible soil stepped forward via way of means of pre-production wetting and compaction power. The study confirmed that growth of each relative compaction power and diploma of saturation limit the hazard of collapsibility potential. Results are presented in terms of tables and graphs to reflect the effect of improvement mechanism on reducing collapsibility potential risks
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Unique Paper ID: 155735

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1

Page(s): 1642 - 1647
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