FPGA Implementation of Medical Image Fusion Using SPARTAN FPGA Image Processing Kit
M. Anusha Reddy, G. Rikvitha, V. Swapna Priya, Shilpa B Darvesh
Multimodality Images, Image Fusion, Discrete Wavelet Transform, FPGA, MATLAB, XPS
Our work proposes an approach for combining two multimodality images [CT and MRI] with tumor cell, helps to define the anatomical and physiological differences from one dataset to another using Discrete Wavelet transform. Image fusion is the process that combines two or more image datasets resulting in a single image dataset. There are many fusion processes that can take place at different levels. The fused image contains both soft tissue information like Tumor and also hard tissues information like bones, helpful for doctors to calculate the area of tumor for surgical planning. In this paper, a hardware implementation of an image fusion system is proposed using FPGA. Implementation of these algorithms on a FPGA is having advantage of using large memory and embedded multipliers. Advances in FPGA technology with the development of sophisticated and efficient tools for modeling, simulation and synthesis have made FPGA a highly useful platform. Here MATLAB is used to convert images into pixel-format files and to observe simulation results. To implement this paper XPS & VB are needed. In XPS, first select hardware & software components then by adding source and header files & converting into bit streams and download into FPGA, to obtain fused image. Then, to prove the improvement in diagnosis content in fused image, various parameters like mean, standard deviation, energy, entropy, homogeneity, RMS, etc. are calculated and compared.
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Unique Paper ID: 155844

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2

Page(s): 311 - 316
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