Artificial Intelligence in Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing – A Conceptual Overview
Mrinmoy Roy
AIPM, Artificial Intelligence, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Sales & Marketing
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that describes how intelligent people think about an intelligent machine, a computer-controlled robot, or a piece of software. The advertisers will be able to switch from marketing personalization to super personalization or hyper customization with the aid of AI. Also, the marketers will be able to target individual doctors more precisely using AI, depending on geographical locations, number of patients, and prescribing patterns of doctors, as well as personal behavior / interest / attitude. Many pharmaceutical companies participate in personal promotional activities such as rep visits, conferences, seminars, and webinars, while email and other digital media are mostly used for non-personal promotion. The sales and marketing teams will focus on finding the right healthcare professional and segmenting them into the right channel at the right time. AI will assist marketing teams in understanding brand history, running brand diagnostics, and charting the brand’s future direction. In furtherance, AI could help sales teams with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), pre-call planning, guided sales, and e-details, resulting in a competitive advantage and improved sales outcomes. Overall, this will assist organizations in achieving better business outcomes with less resources and time respectively. Moreover, the interactions between reps and health care professionals (HCPs) may be the object of control. The power is now transmitted via variety of touch points, many of which are digital, and can be accessed by an HCP at any time and from any location. Thus, to increase their value the sales representatives are required to have comprehensive knowledge of the market and its customers, so that they can tailor their interactions to each of their specific needs, wherein it is all about the numbers. The sales force is more efficient and successful when data is gathered judiciously, correctly digested, easily analyzed, and wisely used. These suggestions can be saved for later use in the voice assistant, or sent via text or email, and they can help to keep the flow of information in the office moving. AI-controlled ecosystems ensure that no critical data is lost. For instance, whet
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