Dr Mahadev S Sogi, Dr Prashanth A S, Dr Santosh N Belavadi
Madhu (honey) and tail(oil) is used in equal quantity in basthi dravya it is called as Mādhutailika Basti. It is mainly has Rasāyana action (Rejuvenative). It also possesses have properties like Bṛimhana, Vrishya,Rasayana and also useful in Krimi. Kuṣṭa Aṛśa, Plihā Roga and Prameha. Śodhana Samyak laḳṣanas in this contexts considered in terms of Basti Samyak Śudhhi laḳṣanas viz. Agni Deepti, Vātanuloman, Sukhen Mala pravriti, Vyādhi Nigrah, Viviktatatā (Glani Rahita) and Manastuṣti. Basti is the most important among panchakarma due to its various effects, pitta and kapha are dependent on vata as it functions based on vata itself, basti is not only best for vata it also equally effective in correcting the morbid pitta, kapha and rakta, Charaka has considered basti therapy as half of the treatment of all diseases, while some author considered it as the complete therapy for all the ailments, The effect of ‘Basti’ is not restricted to ano-rectal region locally as in conventional enema. The ‘Basti’ is supposed to exert a systematic action.
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