Trustworthy IoT Traditional Network Security to Authentication and Access Control Model for Heterogeneous Devices
Shilpa B.Sarvaiya, Dr.D.N.Satange
Access Control, Authentication, Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), Role-Based Control (RBAC), Resource Role Hierarchy Based Access Control (RRBAC).
Security is the basic requirement of any user for Internet of Things (IoT) traditional network. An internet user will not share his confidential and important data on the network unless the traditional network is trusted. IoT is considered as a collection of heterogeneous devices, such as, radio frequency identification, sensors and actuators, which form a huge traditional network, enabling not connected to computer in the network to produce a trustworthy world of services. Security and privacy are the two most important aspects of the IoT network, which includes authentication, authorization, data protection; network security, and access control.Additionally, traditional network security cannot be directly used in IoT traditional networks due to its limitations on computational capabilities and heterogeneous devices storage capacities. Authentication and Access control is the mainstay of the IoT traditional network, as all components undergo an authentication process before establishing communications between heterogeneous devices therefore, securing authentication and access control is essential to ensure that resources are only granted to the authorized users. With authentication and access control information, it sets the access rights of the subject to the object and protects heterogeneous devices from unauthorized access to ensure confidentiality and integrity of the system resources in the send and receive data signal is one of the basic security services. Current access control technology can be divided into Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and Resource Role Hierarchy Based Access Control (RRBAC).The first kind of access control model is RBAC, which is widely used in traditional networks and second is suitable for multiple security domains with different applications. In this paper focused on IoT security particularly on their authentication and access control model. Also studies on existing evaluation schemes of IoT authentication and access control.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 5

Page(s): 594 - 600
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