Mukesh Kumar Shukla
Floating microspheres, hollow microspheres, gastric retention.
The issue of oral CR formulations having a brief stomach residence period. Development of floating medicine delivery devices is among the techniques being used to solve this issue. This kind of system is represented by hollow microspheres. Hollow microspheres with a polymer shelf and a pharmacological load inside. With these approaches, the issue of a short stomach residence time with an oral CR formulation can be resolved. These systems may floatable on the gastric contents because of their bulk density. Hollow microspheres as gastro-retentive dosage forms enable a significant impact on health care by carefully controlling the target drug's release rate to a specified spot. Improved multi-unit floating microspheres are anticipated to offer clinicians a new option for a cost-effective, secure, and more bioavailable formulation in the efficient management of a variety of disorders. The design of novel controlled and delayed release oral formulations is made possible by these technologies, further pushing the boundaries of pharmaceutical research and development. In addition to improving the bioavailability of medications that are poorly absorbed and requiring a needed release profile, the Gastro-retentive drug delivery system has various other benefits that have pharmaceutical formulation experts interested. The focus of this paper is on current developments in the preparations, characterisation, assessment, and use of floating microspheres as gastro retentive dosage forms. This review aims to shed additional light on recent developments in hollow microsphere production methods and applications.
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Unique Paper ID: 157247

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 6

Page(s): 368 - 373
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