Rapid Scanning and OCR Technology
ADITYA KUMAR AGARWAL, Abhijeet Kumar, Abhishek Mishra, Anaghashree CA, Mangala HS
In this current scenario, where everything is in the digital form, there are many documents that one wishes to convert into digital format. Since digital documents are not only easy to store but also to edit and find information from tem.There are various means to convert any printed document into a digital document but there are a very few technologies that help to convert hand written text into editable document. The OCR technology plays a very important role in doing so. With the help of OCR technology the scanning process is not only rapid but also much more accurate as compared to any other scanning technologies. In this method each letter is scanned and compared to the library in tesseract.js. This technology is helpful to convert old documents that contains broken test too. The Major purpose is to make the scanning of handwritten text document into editable and storable documents. From a historical perspective, research and development of OCR systems are taken into account. Included is the progression of commercial systems throughout time. R&D strategies using template matching and structural analysis are both taken into consideration. It is seen that the two strategies are blending and getting closer together. Commercial products are broken down into three generations, with a few exemplary OCR systems chosen for each and briefly explained. Expert systems and neural networks, two contemporary OCR approaches, are discussed briefly along with some unresolved issues. The writers' opinions and predictions about next trends are offered.
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Unique Paper ID: 157798

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 8

Page(s): 98 - 103
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