Dynamic route detection using advanced routing algorithm in wireless sensor networks
Dr.M.Aruna Safali, Dr. S. Joy Kumar
wireless sensor networks (WSNs), dynamic routing, temperature, humidity, and pressure.
Dynamic routing in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is an essential mechanism for efficiently transmitting data from source nodes to destination nodes. WSNs consist of a large number of tiny sensor nodes that are deployed in a geographical area to monitor physical phenomena such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. These nodes have limited battery power, processing capability, and communication range, which makes routing a challenging task in WSNs. Dynamic routing, is a technique that allows the network to adapt to changes in the environment, such as node failures, traffic congestion, and changes in network topology. In dynamic routing, the routing paths are not predetermined, but they are discovered and updated dynamically based on the network conditions. This helps to improve the network performance, increase the network lifetime, and reduce the energy consumption of sensor nodes. There are various dynamic routing protocols proposed for WSNs, including geographic routing, multipath routing, and cluster-based routing. Geographic routing uses location information to forward packets to the destination node. Multipath routing uses multiple paths to transmit data to the destination node, which improves the reliability and fault tolerance of the network. Cluster-based routing divides the network into clusters, and each cluster has a cluster head that acts as a gateway to transmit data between clusters.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 10

Page(s): 415 - 419
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