The Image Steganography Utilizing LSB Substitution Technique Along With Neighbouring Pixel Value Distinguishing
Ananya Desai S, Akshitha S, Aishwarya M S, Sahana S U, Sridhar R
secret picture; cover picture; pixel value differentiating; stegno picture; least significant bit.
Data concealment has always been an important requirement in human history, whether on a global or personal level. The types and methods of data to be hidden are becoming increasingly diverse as digital technologies advance. Any data sent over transmission channels can be hidden. It’s science of hiddenconfidentialnewsinside a publicly visible news. Steganography is thought of as an additional layer of security, but it cannot be regarded as an alternative to or a replacement for cryptography. Secure communication can be protected via image steganography, which involves hiding hidden messages in the cover image. The main issue with steganography is concealing a lot of secret information without alerting the attacker. Steganography is a method of concealing confidential or delicate information within something that seems to be ordinary image. Steganography is the practise of disguising a picture such that it appears to be a regular image or other file.This study describes a brand-new colour picture message concealing algorithm. Bit-plane slicing and dualXOR operation work as the foundation of the created method. The proposed approach defines the maximum number of hidden bits in a set of pixels by considering the power of each visual plane to accept distortion and the gap in value between two adjacent pixels. Each plane is divided into a few different 3X3 components blocks. The concept of eight-neighbouring pixels is utilized in the ways to create octagonal sets of components in one block, so that the method can use every edge pixel in every conceivable direction. XOR coding technique is also utilized before the embedding process.
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Unique Paper ID: 158746

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 10

Page(s): 636 - 640
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