Nikhil R. Sathekar, Asst. Prof. Amar B. Dehane
Bacterial Concrete, Bacillus Subtilis, Cracks, Microbial Process
Concrete is the most oft-times used structural material, the cracks in concrete breed problems. Cracks in concrete transpire due to varied mechanisms in nature as - shrinkage, freezing-defrizzing reactions, and mechanical compressive and tensile forces. Cracks formed in concrete are inevitable and are one of the major reasons for the shortcoming of concrete. Cracking of the concrete exterior may enhance the deterioration of enrooted reinforcing bars as the admission rate of harsh harmful and corrosive chemicals such as water and chloride ions into the concrete structure increased. Thereupon, an unprecedented methodology has been developed by using a particular microbial plugging process. Numerous studies have shown positive results by adding calcite depositing bacteria in concrete, also known as bacterial concrete or self-healing concrete. This experimental study was conducted to analyze the characteristics of Bacterial concrete for constructional purposes. In addition to concrete, bacteria named BACILLUS SUBTILIS (along with its nutrients) is added to attain additional strength than conventional concrete and to develop properties of concrete. The study is performed to test and evaluate the compressive strength of concrete specimens, the optimum dosage of bacteria used and to study characteristics of cracked specimens by introducing Bacillus Subtilis, which is ureolytic, gram-positive (spore-forming bacteria), and facultative aerobic. A substantial increase in strength is observed in concrete specimens when cast with a bacterial mixture. Results have been compared with conventional concrete. The biological alteration of construction materials is the need of the hour for strength enhancement and long-term sustainability. The present study proposes a promising sustainable renovative system for concrete.
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Unique Paper ID: 158786

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 10

Page(s): 722 - 725
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