Electric Vehicle Using Drag Force to Increase its Range
Kaushlesh Sharma, Nitin Singh Kirar, Himanshu Namdeo, Dheeraj Pali, Neeraj Singh Kushwah
Air drag, turbine, Magnetic Levitation, battery, blades
From a long time, In Automobile sector, Vehicle are widely used in travelling and transportation of goods or material as per need from one place to another. And with the time needs are changing same way Automobile are also advancing for better Fuel efficiency and economic benefits. But major problem that automobile sector is facing now days is regarding shifting of vehicle from conventional to Electrical mode. Here, these Electrical vehicle runs on electric current that is stored in a battery pack by charging it. But the problem is that this battery pack doesn’t provide a sufficient range in a single charge. So, to enhance its range, we tried to come with such a system to utilize the energy loss during mobility of an Automobile in the form of ‘Air Friction’ or ‘Air Drag’. Here, we developed a system to convert the Air resistance that is experienced by automobile while moving into electrical energy that will be transferred to battery pack for Charging. And hence we will get the same battery pack with extended range.
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Unique Paper ID: 160284

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1

Page(s): 279 - 284
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