Smart Shoes For Blind Peoples
Manthan Alandkar, Anita Dombale, Alankar Jagtap, Ambarish Singh, Aniket Ambilwade, Amay Patel, Vrushab Ambadkar
Smart shoes, blind individual, comfortability, adaptive aid.
Smart Shoes for blind people are a technological solution that aims to improve the mobility and independence of visually impaired individuals. The smart shoes are equipped with a variety of sensors and technologies that work together to provide real-time feedback about the user's surroundings, obstacles, and navigation directions. The main components of the smart shoes include an inertial measurement unit (IMU), GPS receiver, microcontroller, Bluetooth module, and a haptic feedback mechanism. Accelerometers and gyroscopes, which measure the movement and orientation of the shoe, are among the sensors that make up the IMU. In additionto these, the IMU also includes a GPS receiver that provides location data used to calculate the user’s positionand orientation. The microcontroller processes the sensor data and runs a navigation algorithm that calculates the safest and most efficient route for the user to take. In order to provide accurate navigation instructions, the algorithm considers a variety of factors including the user’s destination,terrain,obstacle, and other environmental conditions. The Bluetooth module enables the user to connect to a smartphone or other device to receive audio or visual instructions and feedback. The haptic feedback mechanism, such as vibrating motors, provides tactile feedback to the user about the direction and proximity of obstacles. Smart shoes for blind people offer a unique and innovative solution to improve the mobility and independence of visually impaired individuals. They provide real-time feedback and navigation directions to help users navigate their environment safely and efficiently
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1

Page(s): 710 - 714
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