Optimization and Fabrication of Pipe Transversing Rover
Madhukar B Sorte, Suraj Sharma, Ashish Yadav, Akash Yadav, Abhijit Satpute
Innovating a pipeline inspection rover that can efficiently navigate through pipes using a unique mechanism. Our Project is made up of a wooden and PVC structure and features an ESP32 cam, DHT11, PIR motion sensor, and HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor. Our primary focus is on developing a rover that can move smoothly through pipelines, and the sensors are secondary, meant to collect important data along the way. Our rover can easily navigate pipelines without human intervention and provide critical information to assist in pipeline maintenance. One of the unique features of our rover is that the sensors can share data from anywhere, regardless of limited area, and can be accessed from anywhere. This makes it a cost-effective solution compared to other pipeline inspection rovers. Our rover can measure temperature, and humidity, perform visual inspections, and test for living organisms. The 500 RPM DC motor Johnson 12V power supply can provide a rover battery life of 1 to 1.5 hours We believe that our pipeline inspection rover has the potential to revolutionize the way pipeline maintenance is done by providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Our rover's unique mechanism allows it to easily navigate through pipes and collect critical data along the way. With further development, we plan to integrate more advanced technologies to enhance its capabilities. Our goal is to create a reliable, efficient, and affordable solution to pipeline maintenance problems.
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Unique Paper ID: 161021

Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2

Page(s): 382 - 386
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