Ayurvedic Concept of Medo Dhatu
Dr. Rupali Sharma, Dr. Ankita Thakur, Dr. Bhawana Sharma
Meda dhatu, Sharira, Acharayas, Kapha dosha, Rakta dhatu
In the concept of dhatus acharyas has explained “ Dhatwo deha dharnaat ” which means Dhatus are those which will nourish and sustain the living bodies. Also “Sharira dharnaat dhatwah” means that body constituents that supports the body are called dhatus. These are structural units of the body e.g. Mamsa, Meda and Asthi dhatus give specific shape to the body. Without dhatus , doshas are unable to exhibit their functions like growth of the body is function of kapha dosha which is assessed by nutrition of meda, mamsa and asthi dhatu by measuring weight, height and body mass index. There are seven dhatus mentioned by acharayas i.e. rasa, rakta, mamsa, meda, asthi, majja, shukra .Among these meda dhatu is the fourth dhatu which lubricates the body and makes the body flexible. It also acts as a shock absorber and protects the body from trauma.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 3

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