Psychogenic Transcendence: Reflections of Maslowian and Freudian Insights in Paulo Coelho's Adultery
Deepa S, Dr.K.S. Saradhambal
Psychogenic transcendence, narcissism, ego libido, love, self actualization
Man can never be satisfied with what he or she possesses. Human mind creates lacuna for more and more wants and moves in pursuing it. The value paid for this pursuit by any individual is something high. The struggle between satisfying one’s own needs and pleasure or to give up to framed social, cultural and conventional convictions is inevitable in man, as most of the times, human mind craves for something restricted or things beyond limits. Under the perspectives of Maslowian proposal for fulfillment of need and attainment of Self- actualization; Freudian insights of self- regard, narcissism, ego- libido and love, the paper analyses the psychogenic transcendence attained by the protagonist Linda in the novel Adultery by Paulo Coelho
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 5

Page(s): 298 - 301
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