Development of Solar Air Heater Using Compound Collector and Active Tracking
Nikhil D. Wadatkar, Vijay G. Gore
Solar air heater, Active tracking, Compound effect, Flat plate collector
One of the most renewable energy sources is solar energy. In today's world, solar energy is regarded as one of the main important sources. It is more popular than other conventional fuels due to lower pollution and global warming, and its non-conventional nature. In the solar-energy industry great emphasis has been place the development of "active" solar energy systems which involve the integration of several subsystems solar energy collectors, heat-storage containers, heat exchangers, fluid transport and distribution systems, and control systems. The major component unique to active systems is the solar collector. The work provides a brief overview of the thermal performance of flat plate solar air heaters. The main goal of this experiment is to produce the warm air with constant heat input by varying the direction of the absorber plate and area of absorber plate. This device absorbs the incoming solar radiation, converting it into heat at the absorbing surface, and transfers this heat to a air flowing through the collector. From this experiment it is noticed that the maximum air temperature can be obtained at the collector outlet is 64°C. The warm air carries the heat, and it is utilized for drying applications, this is one of the low-cost warm air generation methods in the present scenario. Attempts have been made to improve the thermal performance of conventional solar air collectors by employing various design and flow arrangements. The pace of development of air heating collectors is slow compared to water heating collectors mainly due to lower thermal efficiency. Conventional solar air collectors have poor thermal efficiency due to high heat losses and low convective heat transfer coefficient between the absorber plate and flowing air stream.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 7

Page(s): 56 - 65
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