Unveiling Cyber Identity: A Critical Examination of its Role and Impact on Society and Individuals
Akshaya Vardhini Ravi, Dr Bhargavi D Hemmige
Cyber Identity, cyberspace, anonymous, alter ego, social media, dating apps, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, con, and, social causes.
Every person in cyberspace creates an online identity or an internet persona to communicate and perform various activities in cyberspace. Some users use their real name and identity to interact in the online environment while some use pseudonyms or remain anonymous. Some create a totally different identity which would be the polar opposite of their real personality, like an alter ego. In such a way, cyber identity has various dimensions in society. The prevalence of such aspects of cyber identity has its pros and cons. People assume cyber identity for various reasons such as participating in Discussions or movements in which they could not participate in the real world. Another prime reason is to voice their harsh and honest opinions without revealing their true identities. Even though it offers many good opportunities for people to take part in social causes or groups of their interest, it also provides a platform for people to assume an anonymous identity to stalk, con, harass or bully people in cyberspace. These sorts of cases are predominantly found in social media sites, cyber dating sites, matrimonial sites, and shopping sites (like eBay, quickr, and Olx). The GenZ users who are the major internet consumers are the ones who presume cyber identities for various purposes such as to condemn the authorities, for cyber aggression, bring about a change, interact without barriers, be free from the real world, voice out their opinions, for social causes and movements, etc. This cyber identity also has a considerable effect on the netizen's mental health and behaviors in real life. Strict cyber laws are the next step. Students should be educated about cyberspace right from a young age and they should be taught about the positive and negative impacts of cyber identity so that GENZ users will be able to make use of it cautiously and responsibly in the near future.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 7

Page(s): 408 - 414
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