Design and characterization of Nano sponges loaded Vaginal gels of Voriconazole
Alladi Kirankumar, Dr. Y. Ganeshkumar
Voriconazole, Nano sponges, mucoadhesive, vaginal gels.
Objectives:The current inquiry of this research job is to build and analyze a bio adhesive vaginal gel that is packed with Voriconazole Nano sponge for an extended residence duration at the point of infection, resulting in a positive drug release profile. Methods:Nano sponges were created using a solvent evaporation process in varied Voriconazole to β-cyclodextrin ratios. Zeta possibility, polydispersity, size of particles analysis, capture efficiency, and surface morphology of Nao sponges are all determined using scanning microscopes with electrons (SEM). FTIR and DSC investigations were used to determine drug excipient compatibility. Carbopol/Hypromellose/Sodium Carboxymethyl cellulose/HPC has been used to make the bio adhesive gel, while both propyl paraben and a methyl para were employed as antioxidants. Triethanolamine, also was used to regulate the pH, resulting in a transparent gel. The gel base has been incorporated with the improved Voriconazole Nano sponge mixture. The pH, viscosity, spread ability, extrudability, and medication content of Nano sponge in mixes of gels were all investigated. The gel's in vivo diffusion has been examined on goat vaginal mucosal. Cellophane membranes was used in an artificial drug release examination. Results:The improved generation of IDLNS12 Nano sponge (drug-polymer ratio 1:1) demonstrated 91.56% entrapment efficiency. The average particle diameter of all formulations was less than 310 nm. The SEM photographs revealed smooth and spherical particles. INSG4 (Carpool and HPC) gel formulation had a viscosity value of 4529 cps at 2-10 RPM, a gel strength of 92.65N load, and an expansion speed of 37.24 At 12.0 minutes, INSG4 achieved 99.98% drug release. And a mucous adhesive time of in excess of 12 hours. Conclusion: These results suggest that Voriconazole-loaded β-cyclodextrin Nano sponge in mucous adhesive gel might be used for managing infections of vagina perpetually.
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Publication Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 7

Page(s): 487 - 500
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